We are proud to be the UK's first & only immersive, completely contactless drivethru Halloween experience.

Once your car enters the event you must complete the event in its entirety no matter how scary you cannot leave the event early you must complete every zone.


This event is completely contactless. You never leave your car during the whole experience which last around 15 to 20min. 

Upon arrival to our site, Your ticket will be scanned through your closed car window.  You will then proceed to enter our attraction.  You never leave the safety of your car during the whole event from start to finish. You will drive through a series of scenes from your favourite horror movies and TV shows. You'll be greeted by twisted creatures and 'unexpected scares' in every drive thru scene.


When you approach each scene, a traffic light system will be used.

Red means stop your car and switch off your engine, this allows the scene to start and actors to be able to approach your car safely and without being run over.

When the light turns green you turn your engine back on and proceed to the next scare zone.

Once your car enters, you must complete the event in its entirety, no matter how scary, there's no turning back.

Your car may need washing after the experience as there may be blood splatters on your windows and doors. Don't worry though the blood we use is not real, its non toxic and won't damage you're car. A simple wash after visiting our event will remove any blood stains.